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Huskies in Haiti

In the aftermath of the quake, numerous UW Medicine and Health Sciences faculty, students and health professionals went to Haiti to treat the injured and sick and care for the displaced.
Fetching snowmelt

Fetching Snowmelt

Jessica Lundquist, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, has been using some unconventional tools for measuring snowpack. Read more.

UWAA Takes on Advocacy

UW Alumni Association has launched, a civic advocacy program designed to help the public stay informed about issues facing the UW. Read more.

Student Uncovers Artifact

Late last fall, one freshman wielding a pronged garden fork overturned archaeological history: a 4,000- to 6,700-year-old Native American spearhead. Read more.
Smart grid

Smart Grid Comes to Campus

Last fall the UW became part of a regional test of a smart grid—a system that uses technology to improve power delivery-and-use through intelligent, two-way communication. Read more.
Hope Solo

Husky Sports Roundup

Hope Solo, '04, was named the 2009 Female Athlete of the Year by U.S. Soccer. Read more.
X Prize


The Evans School of Public Affairs has landed a prestigious honor: the chance to create an X PRIZE. Read more.
Darlene Barnes

Brotherly Grub

Chefs who cook almost everything from scratch and use local ingredients are an atypical breed. Rarer still are female chefs who work in college fraternities. Read more.
Light rail

Light Rail Work Begins

Light rail is coming to Husky Stadium. In January, Sound Transit began preparing the site. Read more.

UW Teams Medal with Bacteria

This fall five UW undergraduates, four graduate student advisers, and faculty adviser Klavins did neat things—and received a gold medal at iGEM. Read more.
Social Work

William Gates Sr. to Speak at Social Work Event

William H. Gates Sr., '49, '50, will be the guest speaker at the UW School of Social Work's Inaugural Student Scholarship Breakfast. Read more.

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