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The 2010 edition of America's Best Architecture & Design Schools has named the UW's undergraduate landscape architecture program third in the nation, according to a survey of deans and department heads, and the graduate program in architecture 19th-best, according to a survey of nearly 400 design firm principals.

Three UW School of Law students won the regional National Moot Court competition, earning a berth in the nationals in January, where they made it to the quarter-finals. UW School of Law students last won the National Moot Court Competition in 2007.

The UW Department of Genome Sciences hosts a public forum on the implications of new discoveries in medicine on the cost and quality of American health care on April 6. Four experts from academic medicine, the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, and a regional health care system—Eric Larson, executive director and senior investigator at Group Health Cooperative, Barbara J. McNeil, head of the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard University, Paul Ramsey, dean of the UW School of Medicine, and Roger M. Perlmutter, executive vice president of research and development for Amgen Corporation—will field audience questions and discuss the issue.

In compliance with a state law that went into effect Dec. 31, all UW offices are now using 100 percent recycled paper for printing and copying. The new law requires state agencies to use recycled paper and to implement, by July 1, a paper-conservation plan with the goal of reducing paper use by 30 percent.


Orin Smith
Former executive vice president and CFO of Starbucks Coffee Orin C. Smith, '65, has been appointed to the UW Board of Regents. Smith replaces Fred Kiga, '74, '78, '80, whose term expired. Smith's appointment will expire in September 2015.

Noel Chrisman, professor of psychosocial and community health at the UW School of Nursing, received the George Foster Practicing Medical Anthropology Award, one of three awards given by the Society for Medical Anthropology, part of the American Anthropological Association.

Jonathan Eddy, '69, has been appointed director of the Asian Law Center at the UW School of Law. He joined the school's faculty in 2005 as the project manager for the Afghan Legal Educators Project.