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Seeing Red

Last fall, Jay and Maureen Neitz, who joined the UW School of Medicine faculty in 2008, reported in the journal Nature that they had cured color-blindness in two squirrel monkeys using gene therapy.

MRSA Digging in at Beaches

Dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria are gaining a foothold in the natural environment, suggests recent research from the UW School of Public Health. Read more.

Micro Microscope

The world's smallest microscope, just one-tenth of an inch in diameter, is helping doctors at the UW Medical Center diagnose cancers of the digestive system. Read more.
Breast cancer

Breast Cancer Detection Test

An inexpensive, noninvasive test can accurately detect breast cancer in younger women, and has the potential to spare thousands from unnecessary surgeries and biopsies. Read more.

Locating Lightning

UW Professor Robert Holzworth directs the World Wide Lightning Location Network, a series of stations around the globe that monitor pulses of radio waves generated by lightning strokes. Read more.
Vashon Island

Getting Dirt on Climate Change

In a barren pit on Vashon Island, UW School of Forest Resources graduate student Kate Kurtz is growing a forest—and fighting climate change along the way. Read more.