March 2009 -

The Hub

Alumni Boost UW's Efforts to Revive Nutrition Program

Is organic food more nutritious? What diet is best for weight loss? Can certain foods really help lower cholesterol? Why has Salmonella been in the news recently?

As conflicting nutrition and health information makes its way into the world through the media, the Web and well-meaning friends, separating hard facts from hype becomes more challenging, and the demand for more skilled nutrition professionals grows. In response, the UW School of Public Health is reestablishing its undergraduate program in nutritional sciences.

"Studying nutrition ultimately reveals that the health of each of us is linked to the health of all of us," says June Erdman Bartell, '79. "I use the knowledge and skills that I acquired from my nutritional sciences degree every day—in every aspect of my life." A dedicated group of nutritional sciences alumni, including Bartell, is providing financial and leadership support to enhance the University's efforts to restore the program, which was eliminated amid budget cuts in 1981. "We decided that now is the time to give back."

"This program has launched the successful career of so many nutrition professionals," says School of Public Health Dean Patricia Wahl. "Students now have the opportunity to join these lifelong advocates of nutrition education in making a real difference in our communities."—Carla Spaccarotelli