Ode to Belonging Print
You’ve heard of “purple prose.” Well, in honor of the UWAA’s annual Spring Membership Drive, we thought we’d offer a little “purple poetry.” Or perhaps “Dawgerrel” is a better word for it.

J is for Jessica, class of ’02.
She wanted a way to give back to the U.
So she purchased a membership, knowing those dollars
support lectures and learning and Legacy Scholars*.

O is for Oliver. He got promoted,
and wanted  to see his new job Alum Noted*,
so he sent us a card with his membership dues.
Now all his old girlfriends have read the big news.

I is for Ivy. She loved Odegaard,
so she joined us, and got a free borrower’s card*.
You still see her around. She’s the lady who looks
like a two-legged tower of library books.         

Neil was a member, a temp, and a bassist.
He needed a mentor to help him go places,
and he found just the guy on our cool Career Network*.
Now his bookings are better, and so is his fretwork.   

Go visit our Web site, and you too can feel
just like Jessica, Oliver, Ivy and Neil—
more thrifty, more generous too, and more glad
than ever to be a UW grad.

Eric McHenry

* For more information about Legacy Scholarships, Alum Notes in Columns magazine, the free UW Libraries borrower’s card, the Husky Career Network, and dozens of other UWAA member benefits—and, of course, to join—visit UWalum.com.