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History in the Making: UW Freshmen Coming to Bothell and Tacoma Print
There are many ways to earn a University of Washington degree, but for more than a century, the only place to be a UW freshman was in Seattle. Suddenly, that will change.

High school seniors can now choose to be a freshman at UW Seattle, UW Bothell or UW Tacoma, beginning with the class entering autumn 2006. All three campuses offer the UW gold-standard for educational quality—an education delivered by faculty who are leaders in their fields. The final deadline to apply to Seattle has passed, but Tacoma and Bothell are still accepting freshman applications for autumn 2006 and will do so until all seats are filled. Readers of Columns still have time to spread the word and make a difference for students who would benefit from the unique settings and UW-quality education offered in Bothell and Tacoma.

Q: Is the same degree offered at all three University of Washington campuses?
A: Yes. The degree is a University of Washington degree. The only difference is in the fine print on the diploma stating the campus location, e.g., “conferred by the faculty of the University of Washington, Bothell” (or “Seattle,” or “Tacoma”).

Q: Is tuition the same at each campus for undergraduates?
A: Yes. Fees may vary slightly, but tuition is exactly the same.

Q. How do the campuses differ?
A: UW Seattle is a world-class research university with 145 years of history, 140 majors and opportunities to explore a tremendous range of subjects with faculty who are leaders in their fields. Students are certain to find peers who share their interests. While the campus has the benefits of being large and diverse, it also offers many options for students to make it smaller and more personalized.

UW Tacoma offers a UW-quality education in a small-campus environment in the heart of a bustling urban neighborhood featuring museums, coffee houses and restaurants. The campus is set in historic brick buildings. Students work closely with faculty who are leaders in their fields. UW Tacoma is closely connected with the South Puget Sound region through class projects, internships, research and service projects. Freshmen will take several courses with the same cohort of 50 students all year. These “core” courses will be interdisciplinary, focused on a global theme and taught by a different team of two faculty each quarter. Core courses will serve as the basic requirements all freshmen must complete.

UW Bothell offers all of the UW traditions of excellence in education in a small-campus environment. Set in a state-of-the-art high-tech campus in a beautiful natural setting, UW Bothell is convenient to students who live and work in the suburban corridor east and north of Seattle.  Students work closely with faculty who are leaders in their fields. Bothell is closely connected with the needs of the region it serves through community and class projects, internships, research and service projects. Freshmen entering this fall will begin with the Discovery Core, a team-taught, multi-disciplinary approach to learning. This will feature assignments inside and outside the classroom, and students will be engaged in a variety of opportunities aimed at helping them explore and understand current issues in innovative ways.

Q. Is the faculty comparable on all three campuses?
A: Yes. All University of Washington faculty members are hired and evaluated on the same basic criteria. Because the quality of faculty is consistent, some teach on more than one campus.

Q. If I get into Tacoma or Bothell now, can I later transfer to Seattle?
A: Bothell and Tacoma are developing a high-quality four-year educational experience and seek students who are interested in that full educational experience. Your chances of being able to transfer to Seattle from Bothell and Tacoma are roughly the same as for any student transferring from any other college or university.

Q. Can I live on campus at UW Bothell or UW Tacoma?
A: At this time Bothell and Tacoma do not offer on-campus housing, so students commute.

Q. Is it easier to get into Tacoma or Bothell than Seattle?
A: Minimum university requirements, as set by the HEC Board and UW faculty, are the same for all three campuses, and the application processes are similar. For the freshman class of 2006, competition is greater for admission to Seattle. Because students are just becoming aware of this new option at Bothell and Tacoma (established by the Washington State Legislature in April 2005), students have an opportunity right now to be part of a historic first freshman class at these two UW campuses. Bothell and Tacoma will continue to accept applications until seats are filled.