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Washington Weekend Returns April 2729 With the Best of the UW on View Print

Washington. Weekend. Two of the loveliest words in the English language, made lovelier by the way they come together—and the way they bring people together—every spring at the UW. More than 15,000 alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the University gathered on all three campuses for the inaugural Washington Weekend in 2005. This year’s extravaganza, held April 27–29, looks to be much bigger, with the addition of health sciences to the list of departments hosting open houses, plus a huge slate of reunions, tours, lectures and performances. For all the details, go to <>. Here are just a few highlights:

Open Houses
These are the crown jewels of Washington Weekend—rare opportunities to see the UW of today in all its facets, as the important work being done in quiet laboratories, closed classrooms and private rehearsal spaces gets its moment in the spotlight.

Engineering Open House,
April 28–29

Popular with kids of all ages, the Engineering Open House boasts more than 100 exhibits. Learn about the latest developments in the field, play with water rockets and robots, and make yourself a bowl of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Health Sciences Open House, “Passport to Health: Make the Global Connection!”
April 28–29

This latest addition to the Washington Weekend lineup has, in fact, been happening biennially for more than half a century. Global health will be the theme of the 2006 installment, with dozens of engaging, family friendly exhibits. Learn all about new developments in the schools of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, and public health and community medicine through virtual reality medical presentations, high-tech patient simulators, computerized models of recent research, lab tours and more.

Arts Open Houses, April 28
You can admire, discuss and even purchase some extraordinary visual art at the open house hosted by the School of Art. There will be open studios and classrooms, a major show in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, an auction of graduate student art and more. The School of Music Open House will feature live performances, lectures, hands-on exhibits and Q&A sessions with the admissions coordinator and music advisers for prospective students. The schools of dance, drama and DXarts will also be opening their doors to the public.

Ocean and Fishery Sciences Open House, “Explore the Living Oceans,” April 29
Bring your sea legs to this open house, which will feature waterfront activities, informative displays, interactive stations, family friendly exhibits and tours.

Slavic Fest, April 29
The day-long UW Slavic Fest celebrates the richness of Slavic communities and culture, with a folklore parade, a student symposium, a children’s concert, and an evening of music, dancing, and traditional food and drink.

Genealogy Events, April 29
Discover and preserve your family’s history with the help of the UW’s resident experts. First, History Librarian Theresa Mudrock will lead an informal conversation about the resources available for genealogical research through the UW Libraries. Then Assistant Preservation Librarian Stephanie Lamson will give tips on how to properly care for old photographs, letters, recordings and books, including an overview of common preservation problems and the sorts of steps the UW Libraries take to protect their own collections.

“Who Gets The Last Word?” April 27
Every year, as a parting gift to the graduating seniors, the UWAA invites them to choose a professor, lecturer or TA to give the “last lecture”—some final words of wisdom to take with them into the world. The results tend to be both enlightening and entertaining. Last year’s winner, Jackson School Lecturer Wolfram Latsch, warned the imminent graduates about the dangers of sounding like an academic: “You might have learnt some impressive terms, like ‘paradigm,’ ‘anomie,’ ‘Orientalism,’ ‘Platonic solids,’ ‘Fauvists’ or ‘Freud’s phallic phase’ … words and phrases that can end a promising date in an instant… or, even worse, propel you towards graduate school. Many of these courses, and many of these exotic phrases, fail what I call the ‘Baffled Parent Test.’ ”

Class Of ’56 Reunion, April 28–29
The UW’s newest crop of golden grads will gather at the UW Club to celebrate this milestone, reminisce and present their 50th Reunion Class Gift—$25,000 toward the restoration of the historic columns in the Sylvan Theatre. For more information, or to make a donation to the restoration fund, please visit <>.