MARCH 2006: Home
Mr. Washington
Written by Neil McReynolds   
Dan EvansAfter Nearly 50 Years of Service, Dan Evans Looks Back on His Many UW Ties—and Makes the Case for Supporting Higher Education in the 21st Century.
The Stolen Years: Part Two
Written by Tom Griffin   
Gordon HirabayashiAfter Pearl Harbor, as the U.S. Imprisoned Thousands of Its Own Citizens in Internment Camps, More than 400 Japanese American Students Had to Drop Out of the UW. This Is the Story of Some Forced to Leave—and One Who Resisted.
The Mountain Mover
Written by Eric McHenry   
Maya LinFrom the Vietnam Memorial to Her New Topographical Installations at the Henry, Maya Lin Has Permanently Altered the Landscape—and the Way We Look at It.

Unbroken Spirits
Written by Beth Luce   
Kirk HennigWhen an Accident Broke Kirk Hennig’s Neck, He Was Sent to One of the Best Rehabilitation Centers in the Nation Led by One of Its Top Doctors. Now He’s Sharing His Insights With Other Injured Patients.