Alumni to Take Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Las Vegas Landmark

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Bellagio Hotel. Photo Courtesy Bellagio Hotel
Bellagio Hotel. Photo Courtesy: Bellagio Hotel

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is one the world's great engineering feats. Consider: the 3,000-room hotel has a water show featuring more than 1,000 dancing fountains that move to music and light; a centralized liquor distribution room that moves spirits through tubes to bars throughout the hotel; and an on-site horticulture facility with state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems.

You can find out the secrets to the engineering that made all this possible when the UW Alumni Association and College of Engineering hold a special tour exploring "Behind the Scenes Engineering at the Bellagio Hotel" at __ a.m. Saturday, April 17 in Las Vegas.

Bob Catalfano, chief engineer at the Bellagio, will conduct a tour of the hotel's complex engineering systems. A lunch at the Bellagio follows the tour.

Cost of the tour and lunch is $40. Participants must make their own travel and lodging arrangements. Space is limited to 50. To register or obtain more information, go to or call 206-543-3839.

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