A Place Apart, by Tom Griffin & Jon Marmor


Lake Washington Ship Canal. Click photo to enlarge.

Photo by Kathy Sauber. Click photo to enlarge.
Head behind the cluster of small brick buildings to the south of the massive UW Medical Center and you will find yourself in a piece of campus paradise—the Lake Washington Ship Canal Pathway. The canal itself was completed in 1917, and today the Montlake Bridge and "the cut" (another name for that portion of the Lake Washington Ship Canal) are historical landmarks. What the pathway offers is waterfront real estate that is lush, green and quiet. Much of it used to make up the long-gone but much beloved University Golf Course (now home to the health sciences complex). Take a close look at the open spaces between the rows of trees and you can easily make out that you are standing on what used to be a golf course. The course winds under the Montlake Bridge and behind Husky Stadium, offering a wonderful place for runners, walkers and those of us who just want to take a moment to enjoy the fresh air, watching the geese and ducks along the shimmering water.—Jon Marmor

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