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A Place Apart

A Place Apart
Ten Places—Some Famous, Some Obscure—That Make the University of Washington One of the Most Beautiful (and Best-Loved) Campuses in the Nation.
By Tom Griffin & Jon Marmor

Making It Work.Making It Work
He Transformed an Obscure Theater Group into Legend; He Nurtured Three Pulitzer Prize-Winning Plays; He May Even Masquerade as a Female Playwrite—But Drama Professor Jon Jory Insists It's All in a Day's Work.
By Nancy Wick


Rolling ForwardRolling Forward
On the Field He Was a Top Defender, But Now Curtis Williams Is Tackling His Greatest Challenge—Life after a Crippling Football Injury.
By Mike Crane


  Relatively Speaking, Kissing Cousins are OK.

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  Eight coeds from the 1910s line up in this unidentified photograph. They may have been part of the May 1st Campus Day work parties that took place under the direction of Professor Edmond Meany each year. Photo courtesy Special Collections, University Libraries.

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