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March 2000 Features
  UW's 15th Ave N.E. concrete wall
Breaking Down the Walls
Once-bitter feelings between Town and Gown have become downright neighborly—just in time as megaprojects take aim at the 'U' District. By Jon Marmor

Former UW President Charles Odegaard Master Builder
A community remembers the remarkable achievements of Charles Odegaard. By Tom Griffin

High Anxiety
Late departures, missed connections, lost baggage—the stress of air travel is getting worse, say UW researchers. But will the airlines listen to their advice? By Brad Broberg
Symbols of travel anxiety

A UW student awaits the next Alaskan adventure.




Northern Exposure
Six undergraduates meet 600,000 salmon in the Alaskan wilderness, as the UW opens up research opportunities for juniors and seniors. By Sandra Hines


  Polymer coating provides armor against infectious bacteria.News

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  Joe Jarzynka in the Holiday BowlDepartments


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  Schloredt fans at the 1960 Rose Bowl

All in the Family: The many relatives of Husky Quarterback Bob Schloredt pose for a big cheer prior to the 1960 Rose Bowl. Photo by James Sneddon.

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