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Freshman Dies in Shooting
UW freshman James Sanderson died April 29th when he was shot by a pizza delivery driver after climbing on the driver's car at the corner of 50th Street N.E. and University Way N.E. Witnesses said Sanderson was behaving strangely prior to the 11 p.m. shooting. Press reports said he may have taken LSD earlier that evening. The driver had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and no charges are expected. Sanderson, 19, lived in Lander Hall and was a resident of Bellingham. See also Seattle Post-Intelligencer article, and The Daily article.
New Field of Dreams for Huskies
As a result of a $1 milion gift from the Seattle Seahawks and team owner Paul G. Allen, the UW is replacing Husky Stadium's AstroTurf with FieldTurf, a synthetic sports surface that duplicates the playing conditions of real grass. The new field will be in place for the Aug. 5 preseason football game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts. See also Huskies official announcement.
Pact OK'd Between UW, Sound Transit on Light Rail through Campus
The UW reached an agreement with Sound Transit on April 5 to allow construction of light-rail stations on campus. Construction is scheduled to begin early in 2001 and last for five years, with light-rail service to begin in the fall of 2006. The two on-campus stations will provide improved transit access for the University community and the University District. See also University Week article.
Former NYC Schools Chief Comes to UW
Former chancellor of New York public schools Rudy Crew became executive director of UW's new Institute for K-12 Leadership on Feb. 1. Crew, who was superintendent of Tacoma Public Schools from 1993 to 1995, will partner with public schools, private foundations and corporations to train public education leaders. See also UW news release.
Gene Expert Leaves UW for Private Institute
Leroy Hood, chair of the Department of Molecular Biotechnology, announced Dec. 13 he is leaving the UW to form the Institute for Systems Biology, a research center based in Seattle. Launched with a $5 million grant from an anonymous donor, the new institute will study genetic systems and networks, rather than focusing on one species or individual. See also UW news release
Journalist Donates to Classics Department
Journalist Meg Greenfield, who died in May 1999, left almost $3 million to UW's Department of Classics, in the form of an endowed scholarship fund and a study center on Bainbridge Island. Greenfield, who was a Seattle native, won a Pulitzer Prize for her work as editor of the Washington Post's editorial page and was a columnist for Newsweek magazine. See also UW news release
Bacteria Foiled by Polymer Coating
Researchers at UW's Engineered Biomaterials (UWEB) Center have developed a new antibiotic-polymer coating for medical implants that reduces the rate of hospital infections from such devices as catheters and pacemakers. See also UWEB web site.
Vice President for Minority Affairs to Step Down
Myron Apilado, vice president for minority affairs at the University of Washington since 1990, announced Feb. 14 his intention to step down from that position by the end of the year 2000. In his 10 years as vice president, Apilado greatly expanded the resources and support services for recruiting and retaining underrepresented minority students. See also "The Road Ahead" and UW news release.

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