David Shapiro

Excellence in Teaching Award

Department: Philosophy; three years at UW.

Courses Taught: Contemporary Moral Problems, Introduction to Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy Ethics, Business Ethics.

Achievements: Creates learning experiences for students, integrating real-world examples and service learning into his classes. In his Contemporary Moral Problems course, he not only created a respectful, safe, trusting environment for students to discuss such emotionally and politically charged topics as euthanasia, abortion, capital punishment and animal rights, but he had his students volunteer 20 hours for a social service agency in Seattle.

Quote: "He is by far one of the most innovative, engaging, thought-provoking teachers the University has to offer."--UW student Julie Peterson

Biography: B.A., philosophy, University of Minnesota, 1994; M.A., philosophy, University of Washington, 1996; Ph.D. student, University of Washington.

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