Carol A. Robbins

Distinguished Staff Award

Department: Research Technologist, Department of Neurological Surgery; 25 years at UW.

On the Job: As the senior staff member in her department's lab, she has helped develop new methods in epilepsy research. She also is instrumental in bringing new lab members on board, training them and providing computer expertise to others who use the lab.

Achievements: Her work in developing experimental animal models of epilepsy has not only led to numerous publications and benefited many labs but helped the department keep ahead of the pack. When anyone in the lab needs something--technical help, equipment repair, ordering information--they turn to Carol.

Quote: "Carol's integrity, reliability, caring and dedication to quality have helped shape the tone of the laboratory. That she continues to play so many important roles, year after year, and is willing to take on new responsibilities reflect not only confidence in her own abilities, but also her genuine interest in making meaningful contributions."--Neurological Surgery Professor Philip A. Schwartzkroin

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