Pamela G. Ralston

Excellence in Teaching Award

Department: Comparative Literature and American Ethnic Studies; seven years at UW.

Courses Taught: Comparative American Ethnic Literature, Survey of African American Literature, Reading Literature, Computer-Integrated Expository Writing, Writing About Social Issues, Writing About Literature, Composition and Rhetoric.

Achievements: Her extremely detailed and organized syllabi give students a precise view of what they will learn and how they will go about it. Her student evaluation scores are so high, they are the kind typically earned by faculty teaching graduate courses, not by TAs teaching introductory classes.

Quote: "Students will always love Pamela ... because she is warm yet demanding, insisting on their taking responsibility for learning, and willing to help in whatever way she can to assist them."--American Ethnic Studies Professor Johnnella E. Butler

Biography: B.A., English, women's studies and Scandinavian studies, University of Oregon, 1991; M.A., comparative literature, University of Washington, 1993; graduate women's studies teaching certificate, University of Washington, 1993; Ph.D. student, comparative literature and critical theory, University of Washington.

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