Linda McElvey

Distinguished Teaching Award

Department: Senior Lecturer, Business Administration, UW Tacoma; three years at UW.

Courses Taught: Intermediate Accounting and Business Finance, a non-accounting course required for all business majors that surveys financial markets.

Achievements: McElvey's students praise her commitment, responsiveness and sense of humor and credit her with being crucial in preparing them for the C.P.A. exam. Her teaching style is relaxed and confident, and she has been instrumental in recruiting high caliber students to the UWT business program.

Quote: ""What makes Linda such a wonderful teacher is her capacity to help each student as an individual and to be giving and demanding at the same time."--Business Professor Bernard Booms

Biography: B.A., psychology, Emory University, 1968; B.S., accounting, Brenau University, 1985; M.B.A., Brenau University, 1985; D.B.A., philanthropy and small business, Nova Southeastern University, 1995.

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