Kevin Laverty

Distinguished Teaching Award

Department: Professor of Business Administration, UW Bothell; five years at UW.

Courses Taught: International Business, Business Policy and Strategy, Management of Technology, Environmental Management.

Achievements: Laverty creates an classroom atmosphere of active participation and discussion. He makes the classroom a supportive place, yet one in which we value and celebrate high standards. He encourages students to think clearly and critically about problems, not just memorize facts. In that process, he asks students to consider the various aspects of business problems that draw both from disciplinary perspectives--economics, human behavior, organizational dynamics--and from views of business' role in the larger societies in which it operates.

Quote: "Professor Laverty's teaching style produces students who are able to think for themselves and understand how to use concepts they learn in terms of real world application. This is, after all, what I came back to school for--not to learn how to parrot back information, but how to use business concepts so that I can make a significant contribution in my chosen career."--former student Amy Krismer.

Biography: S.B., architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972; M.A., urban and regional planning, University of Iowa,1977; M.B.A. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire,1984; Ph.D., strategic management, UCLA,1993.

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