Anthony Gill

Distinguished Teaching Award

Department: Assistant Professor of Political Science; five years at UW.

Courses Taught: Political Science as Social Science; Introduction to Political Economy; Research Design and Data Analysis; Quantitative Data Analysis; Comparative Politics; Rational Choice in Comparative Politics; Latin American Politics; Religion & Politics; Religion & Politics in Latin America; International Political Economy of Latin America

Achievements: Introduced computer technology directly into his lectures with PowerPoint demonstrations and has held weekly "Kaffee Klatches" at By George. He also chaired the department's undergraduate program committee, which resulted in an accelerated program for TA training, service learning, computer lab usage and classroom technology enhancement. He acts as a mentor to other junior faculty and is director of the department's Honors Program.

Quote: "Tony Gill demonstrates that there are no boundaries between scholarship, classroom teaching and the many extracurricular contributions that provide students with the personal touch and the experiential learning opportunities that make a great research university a great place to learn."--Political Science Professor W. Lance Bennett

Biography: B.A., political science, Marquette, 1987; M.A., political science, UCLA, 1989; Ph.D., political science, UCLA, 1994.

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