Ana Mari Cauce

Distinguished Teaching Award

Department: Professor of Psychology and Chair, American Ethnic Studies; 13 years at UW.

Courses Taught: Psychology 205 (Introduction to Personality), Abnormal Psychology, Comparative Perspectives on Childhood Socialization, Introduction to Clinical Child Psychology, Community Psychology, Play Therapy, Clinical Research Design & Ethics.

Achievements: Works with Educational Opportunity Program and EIP students in her lab and mentors students of color. Was director of clinical training for seven years. She developed the minor in community psychology and is involved in a national effort to improve teaching psychology through syllabus exchanges, mentorship programs for graduate students of color and junior faculty of color.

Quote: "It's clear to me that Ana Mari doesn't view teaching as something she 'does,' but as something she is. ... She long ago found a way to integrate her core personal beliefs and commitment to diversity with both her research and teaching missions."--Psychology Professor Ilene Bernstein

Biography: B.A., psychology and English, University of Miami, 1977; M.S., psychology, Yale, 1979; M. Phil.; Yale, 1982; Ph.D., psychology, Yale, 1984.

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