Lynn Catlett

Distinguished Staff Award

Department: Administrative Assistant, College of Forest Resources; 11 years at UW.

On the Job: Supports the activities of the faculty, paying extraordinary attention to detail, managing a division office, helping out graduate students and acting as a union steward for classified staff.

Achievements: Shows uncommon dedication to her job, willing to come in at odd hours and weekends to ensure everything is done. Able to help out anyone in need, and do so with a sense of humor and empathy. In her work on behalf of her union, she will counsel and help solve complaints between union members and immediate employers.

Quote: "Lynn treats us like family. She cares deeply about people in the division, asking sincerely after our well-being, encouraging us to get flu shots in the fall. She attends many graduate student celebrations, from thesis defense parties to weddings, invited as 'one of the gang,' not just out of respect and gratitude for the countless services she provides."--Lisa J. Carlson, forest resources graduate student

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