Tom H. Burritt

Distinguished Staff Award

Department: Research Engineer, Department of Physics; four years at UW.

On the Job: Lead technician on the physics department's Sudbury Neutrino Observatory project. Also serves as a mentor to six graduate students in the area of design and mechanical innovation.

Achievements: Solved a problem getting uniform coatings of metal on quartz tubing. The solution required the rotation of the quartz inside a vacuum vessel. Using a battery-operated rotisserie devised from a very small motor he found in a surplus parts catalog, Burritt figured out a way to insert the motor and battery in the vacuum vessel and achieve uniform coatings, getting a final product much faster than expected.

Quote: "Tom suggests and develops innovative solutions to difficult situations. His designs and constructions are highly innovative and elegant. He has earned the reputation as one to ask concerning mechanical design and assembly. Once he has worked out the solution to a problem, he is able to train our other employees to execute the job. This then makes him available to contribute to the next complicated problem."--Physics Research Professor Steven Elliott

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