Looking Ahead, UW Experts Envision Internet Implants, a Colony on Mars, Obsolete Books and the End of the United States

As Columns looks back over its 90 years, we also look ahead to what the next 90 years might be like for the UW, the U.S. and the world. Using late-20th century technology--e-mail, fax and the even older technology of the telephone--we contacted about 50 faculty and alumni. Many turned us down. ("Too tough," said one. "I draw a blank," said another.) Others grabbed at the opportunity to speculate on the world at the end of the 21st century. "I kind of enjoyed it," one professor told us. "At least no one is going to come up to me on the street in 90 years and say 'You were wrong!' " What follows is not a comprehensive look at the year 2088, but a mosaic of projections, guesses and fables gathered by UW writers and complied by Columns Editor Tom Griffin. This on-line version contains more predictions than the print version due to limits on the number of pages we can print.

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