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Room Without a View

Suzzallo's steps.

Going underground has taken on a new meaning on campus, as a number of transients have made makeshift homes in the bowels of various buildings. In early March, for instance, campus police found an area underneath the steps of Suzzallo Library that was inhabited by three men. It was no ramshackle hangout, either--it had CD players, coffee makers and electrical cords. The three used a rope to climb through an air shaft in the Central Plaza Parking Garage.

Later in the month, police found the elaborate home in the basement of the Music Building created by a 46-year-old "self-employed mathematician." Officials say it had been used on and off for more than a decade.

Last June, campus engineers discovered several folks living in the tunnel complex underneath the garage. They had used manholes to get to their underground digs.

Living in such arrangements can be tough. First, you always have to sneak in and out, and avoid being caught. Then there is that stagant, musty air. But the Suzzallo freeloaders knew what they were doing: they left behind a spray can of harvest spice air freshener.

All in the Family

Ilene Bernstein and her son, Brad.
The Bernstein family sure had reason to party hearty in January. Ilene Bernstein, a professor of psychology, and her son, Brad, an M.D./Ph.D. student, each had research papers published in separate articles in the prestigious British scientific journal Nature. Chances are it was the first time that a mother and son had articles in the same issue of the 126-year-old publication. Dad Irwin, a professor of pediatrics and a children's cancer researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, didn't get published in January. But that didn't stop him from being the proudest papa around.

Surfin' at the 'U-Dub'

Web surfers have hit many pages in the University of Washington's domain. Some of the more unusual, interesting or just off-beat include:

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Jordan Schwartz's Mind Games:
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UWave, an On-Line Newsletter on Teaching:
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