The Best of 1996

Every year faculty, students and alumni meet to decide who are the top UW teachers, public servants and volunteers, and this year they came up with a remarkable list. Five are faculty who have won Distinguished Teaching Awards, two are TAs honored with Excellence in Teaching Awards, and four are members of the UW community recognized for their service by receiving either the UW Outstanding Public Service Award, the UW Recognition Award or the UW Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award. Brief profiles of the honorees follow:

Robert Steiner
Distinguished Teaching Award

George Bridges
Distinguished Teaching Award

James Clauss
Distinguished Teaching Award

Victoria Lawson
Distinguished Teaching Award

Edwina Uehara
Distinguished Teaching Award

Antonio Olarrea
Excellence in Teaching Award

Linda Stephens
Excellence in Teaching Award

Diana Wilkie
UW Outstanding Public Service Award

Thomas and Barbara Cable
UW Recognition Award

Nancy Nash
UWAA Distinguished Service Award

Brief Profiles of All the Distinguished Teaching Award Winners from 1970 to 1995

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