UWAA Member Directory Available

While the rest of the campus slows to its summer pace, the UWAA is a hum of activity, planning events to keep alumni connected to the University around the calendar year. Once again, the UWAA is offering June graduates a year's free membership, with the same string attached--they must provide a forwarding address by Sept. 30.

A great graduation gift idea would be Architecture Professor Norman Johnston's book, The Fountain and the Mountain. This souvenir book is full of fascinating information. It's available through the alumni association by calling (206) 543-3839 or send e-mail to uwalumni@u.washington.edu.

The 1996 UWAA Member Directory, which contains information on all UWAA members as of Oct. 30, 1995, will soon be in the mail. Included in this latest edition is a new section listing e-mail addresses. If you missed the deadline for ordering your copy and still want one, call the publisher at 1-800-877-6554 to inquire if there are extras available. You must be a UWAA member to purchase a directory.

Members of the alumni association receive many discounts at campus recreational facilities. UWAA members can hit a bucket of balls ($3.45 for a large bucket and $2.50 for small one) at the Golf Driving Range, rent a canoe or rowboat at $3.55 an hour and explore the backwaters of the arboretum. Or join the Washington Yacht Club for sailing lessons and boat usage privileges. At all facilities, members must show their membership cards.

If you need a few items to round out your Husky wardrobe, stop by the DawgHouse or Tequila Club and get a 10 percent discount with your UWAA membership card.

To find out more about the activities and benefits available through the UWAA, call the alumni association at (206) 543-0540 or outside Seattle at 1-800-AUW-ALUM. You can also check the UWAA Home Page on the World Wide Web for an up-to-the-minute schedule of events.

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