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ODK in Action

HIV research and treatment in Africa isn't the only program benefiting from ODK. Other partners include:

THE JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE: In tandem with Google Earth, the institute is using ODK to monitor deforestation in Tanzania.

THE SURUÍ TRIBE: The Brazilian indigenous tribe uses ODK and Google Earth to police its territory, request satellite photos when it thinks an area is being illegally logged, and contact police.

THE GRAMEEN FOUNDATION: Shared Phone Operators in rural Uganda survey their customers about available phone-based services, and the results are used to guide the development of services like Google's Clinic Finder and Farmer's Friend.

HUMAN RIGHTS CENTER AT UC BERKELEY: Records human rights violations in the Central African Republic.

SMALL MEADOWS FARM: Virginia farm uses the ODK to collect pH, humidity, soil moisture, plant observations, etc., in greenhouses and gardens.

FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRATIC PROCESS: FODEP, which monitors elections so they are free and fair, is attempting to use ODK to gain real time results from every polling station in Zambia.

For a more detailed list of ODK deployments, visit:
Julie H. Case