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Innovative Idealism

The new sound of student activism is not a protest, it's a pitch. Actually, a clamoring symphony of pitches.
Mobile apps

Mobile Apps for the Disabled

Armed with a cell phone, the real world may soon be a lot more accessible for the disabled, thanks to some UW students. Read more.

UW-Designed Tool Finds Buses

OneBusAway allows transit riders to track down real-time arrival info for their bus, ferry or train by Web, phone, SMS or mobile device. Read more.
Husky Central

Huskies Return to Downtown

On June 11, the newly renovated Husky Central opens at Fourth and University. Read more.

Staying Green and Safe with TarpX

Dan Kinley, '99, is putting his bachelor's degree from the Foster School of Business to use to make this world a little greener. Read more.
Space Shuttle

High-Flying Students

This June, five UW students will be catapulted into space and experience zero gravity at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Read more.
James Dutton

Huskies Pilot Space Shuttles

Two more UW grads—James P. Dutton Jr. and Dominic "Tony" Antonelli—have been launched into space. Read more.
AU Flag

UW Staffer Creates New African Union Flag

Earlier this year the AU chose the flag designed by UW staffer Yadesa Bojia to represent the AU and its 53 member countries. Read more.
People in the News

People in the News

Accolades and other news about Sherman Alexie, William Catterall, Chuck Close and more. Read more.

After the Whistle

Off the court, junior Matthew Bryan-Amaning is a big man on campus and in the community. Read more.
Damon Huard

News from the Dawghouse

Damon Huard, '95, joins the UW as a major gifts officer for the Tyee Club and much more. Read more.