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Message from the Foundation Chair

Dan Evans
I am always impressed when people refuse to accept the status quo. It's a quality I see again and again in people in the Pacific Northwest and at the UW. When our faculty and students see a problem, they simply can't help but figure out how to solve it. ĚThat's particularly evident in our approach to the health and well-being of our communities.

I could fill this entire page with examples of ways the UW is making people healthier—and we can all take tremendous pride in these efforts. But I want to take this opportunity to recognize just two people who are making a huge difference: Grace Lim, a third-year medical student, and David Hawkins, a School of Social Work professor.

After Grace learned about the doctor shortages facing many areas of the state, she developed a program to encourage more high school students to consider medical school. David, upset by the number of teens he saw getting into trouble, dedicated his career to helping young people find a better path.

Grace and David are just two of thousands of UW people who are working to improve the health of people everywhere. It starts with individuals committed to making a difference. It ends with a better way of life. Thanks for all you do to support the UW.

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Daniel J. Evans, '48, '49