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Josef Diamond, ’28, ’31, Seattle, age 99, March 3.
Margaret Ruth Campbell Adkinson, ’30, Seattle, age 97, March 26.
Rosalie Adele Neal, ’31, Seattle, age 97, Nov. 30.
Kathryn MacVicar Thomas, ’32, Seattle, age 96, Jan. 21.
Borghild Bulow Giese, ’35, Bellevue, age 93, Feb. 2.
Doris L. Lay, ’35, Shoreline, age 93, Feb. 28.
Janet Dyar Roberts, ’35, Bainbridge Island, age 93, March 17.
Elizabeth Dearle, ’36, Seattle, age 95, Jan. 19.
Louis Rubin, ’36, Bellevue, age 92, Jan. 20.
James Moceri, ’37, Auburn, age 91, March 14.
Vernon W. Towne, ’37, Seattle, age 96, Feb. 27.
Gerald Brott, ’38, Seattle, age 91, Feb. 6.
Bernadette Gualtieri, ’38, Woodinville, age 91, March 27.
Elizabeth Hoy Hendrickson, ’38, Auburn, age 90, March 12.
James T. Rice, ’38, Seattle, age 91, Jan. 15.
Russell Vincent Hokanson, ’39, Seattle, age 93, March 24.
John C. Echmann, ’40, Seattle, age 88, Jan. 28.
John V. Hummer, ’40, Kirkland, age 90, Jan. 20.
Helene M. Templeton, ’40, Capperas Cove, Texas, age 88, Feb. 7.
Gordon Blechschmidt, ’41, ’47, Yakima, age 88, Dec. 2.
Donald C. Davis, ’41, Seattle, age 87, Jan. 15.
Helen Betty Helm Feltis, ’41, Seattle, age 88, Jan. 19.
Loretta O’Brien Wickstrand, ’41, Seattle, age 88, March 27.
Albert C. Angelo, ’42, Vancouver, age 87, March 23.
Mary Ann McNerthney Currier, ’42, Tacoma, age 86, March 31.
Elbert Dickinson Peasley, ’42, ’50, Seattle, age 91, Feb. 4.
M.E. “Betty” Thatcher Irwin, ’43, Exeter, N.H., age 84, Feb. 15.
Helen Zednick Mercier, ’43, Seattle, age 85, Feb. 14.
Herbert L. Gaskill Sr., ’44, ’76, Seattle, age 84, Jan. 28.
Mary Elizabeth Noyd, ’44, Seattle, age 85, Feb. 23.
Oren M. Rabin, ’44, ’53, Everett, age 86, Jan. 15.
Eugene E. Howisey, ’45, Shoreline, age 86, Jan. 14.
Peter Rawn, ’45, Seattle, age 84, March 6.
Norman H. Roberts, ’46, ’57, Seattle, age 84, Feb. 9.
John Douglas Anderson, ’47, Vancouver, B.C., age 84, Dec. 8.
Burton W. Cornwall Sr., ’47, Seattle, age 85, March 13.
Tom M. Anderson Jr., ’48, Enumclaw, age 86, Dec. 30.
Elizabeth Batchelder Brokaw, ’48, Mercer Island, age 83, March 16.
Art Eggers, ’49, Seattle, age 87, March 11.
Max Gubatayao, ’49, Seattle, age 85, Feb. 4.
Frances Lutz Jones, ’49, Shoreline, age 88, Feb. 19.
Charles C. Rutherford, ’49, Maple Valley, age 82, Feb. 9.
Robert C. Cummings, ’50, Mercer Island, age 80, Feb. 6.
Murray G. Ferguson, ’50, ’52, Seattle, age 78, Jan. 29.
Jean Reinelt Linge, ’50, Edmonds, age 79, Jan. 25.
Phillip H. Marsh, ’50, Pasadena, Calif., age 79, Jan. 15.
Lincoln L. McCoy, ’50, Seattle, age 70, Feb. 12.
Mary H. Murray, ’50, Seattle, age 100, Feb. 21.
Richard E. Tremblay, ’50, ’57, Olympia, age 78, March 20.
George C. Matchett, ’51, Seattle, age 79, Feb. 26.
Loren D. Prescott, ’51, ’54, Friday Harbor, age 77, Nov. 19.
William S. Rowe, ’51, Bellevue, age 82, Feb. 29.
Joseph H. Trethewey, ’52, ’56, Seattle, age 81, Jan. 28.
Raymond Edwin Leader, ’53, Seattle, age 77, March 10.
Kenneth A. Griffin, ’54, Seattle, age 78, March 24.
Robert A. Burnham, ’55, Hanover, N.H., age 78, Dec. 15.
Felix Favorite, ’55, ’66, Seattle, age 82, Feb. 15.
Edward F. Greeno, ’55, Seattle, age 73, March 27.
Gordon W. Johnson, ’55, Seattle, age 77, Jan. 16.
Carl A. Labonge, ’55, Clemson, S.C., age 73, Nov. 4.
Wayne R. Peterson, ’55, Seattle, age 79, Feb. 8.
Mary Janet Gore, ’56, Seattle, age 77, Jan. 28.
Grace Marie Kaylor, ’56. Seattle, age 73, Sept. 21.
Audrey Morrill, ’56, ’89, Seattle, age 72, March 3.
Gerald L. Foote, ’57, Bellevue, age 72, Feb. 6.
Arlene Rae Lumley, ’58, Seattle, age 71, Feb. 16.
Duane R. Tolpingrud, ’59, Seattle, age 74, Jan. 24.
Curtis Paul Bailey, ’60, Maple Valley, age 68, March 22.
Donald W. Deasy, ’60, ’61, Seattle, age 68, Jan. 30.
Noel A. Peterson, ’60, Mercer Island, age 69, Feb. 22.
Joan Duncan Rawson, ’60, Hansville, age 70, March 1.
William S. Packard, ’61, ’67, Tacoma, age 73, Feb. 22.
Donald Reaber, ’61, ’69, Edmonds, age 68, Jan. 7.
Winston C. Durst, ’62, Brier, age 83, March 5.
Frederick W. Hilliard, ’62, Dabob Bay, age 67, Feb. 23.
Mary Elizabeth Martenson, ’63, Seattle, age 82, Feb. 11.
Kristine Arnsten Hilsinger, ’65, Seattle, age 64, Feb. 6.
John R. Cowell, ’66, Seattle, age 86, March 4.
Paul A. DiDonato, ’67, ’71, Olympia, age 61, March 18.
Hilda Guldseth, ’67, Bellevue, age 78, Feb. 24.
Gordon Lawrence Peterson, ’67, Madison, Wis., age 63, Jan. 9.
Sherman M. Coe, ’69, Seattle, age 73, Feb. 10.
Melissa Lee Jones, ’69, Anacortes, age 61, March 9.
Elizabeth Koto, ’69, Seattle, age 59, Dec. 7.
James McCormick Sims Jr., ’70, Seattle, age 64, Feb. 25.
Frederick L. Gonzales, ’73, Olympia, age 59, Feb. 7.
John A. Waddell, ’73, New Orleans, age 57, Feb. 13.
Donald G. Stensby, ’74, Seattle, age 54, Jan. 23.
Frederick W. Dean, ’75, Seattle, age 55, Feb. 17.
Timothy J. Savage, ’78, Seattle, age 54, Dec. 5.
Cynthia Marie Keen, ’80, Issaquah, age 50, March 28.
Laura Kay McDougall, ’80, Medical Lake, age 51, Jan. 11.
Margaret Trudo Opland, ’81, Seattle, age 91, Feb. 4.
Maribeth Smith, ’81, Yakima, age 65, March 16.
Gretchen Andrews Harriott, ’83, Seattle, age 46, March 14.
Dion David Mathewson, ’93, San Francisco, age 41, Jan. 29.
Robert William Reineke, ’95, Seattle, age 58, Oct. 24.
Eric Winges, ’05, Redmond, age 24, Dec. 20.
Patrick L. Elleerbroek, ’07, Edmonds, age 24, Jan. 17.

Engineering Professor Emeritus Thomas F. Archbold taught in the Department of Materials Science Engineering, specializing in metallurgical engineering, from 1961 until his retirement in 1997. He used an electron microscope for materials studies and developed a program for studying diffusion in order-disorder arrays. He received a B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. from Purdue. He died on March 19. He was 73.

Sociology Professor Emeritus Ernest A.T. “Tom” Barth focused his career on race and community relations. After serving in the Navy during World War II, he attended the University of Rochester and the University of North Carolina, where he earned his Ph.D. He joined the UW in 1955 and was involved in the Black Power movement of the 1960s, during which a friend and colleague was assassinated. Barth retired in 1987 and died on Feb. 22 at the age of 82.

Nationally syndicated cartoonist Irwin Caplan, ’41, started his career drawing for the old campus humor magazine, Columns. In the late 1940s, he created two syndicated cartoons, “Famous Last Words” in the Saturday Evening Post and “48 States of Mind” in Colliers. The National Cartoonists Society named him the cartoonist of the year in 1972. He taught at the UW School of Art and Seattle Central Community College for more than 20 years. He died on Feb. 22. He was 87.

For 42 years, Professor Emeritus James Gerhart shared his knowledge of physics with students at the UW. A year after receiving his Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University in 1955, he joined the UW. He was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science since 1983 and won the 1985 Millikan Lecture Award from the American Association of Physics Teachers. After retiring in 1998, he focused his attention on cooking and published a cookbook, Eating at Home. He died on Feb. 24. He was 78.

Born in Lima, Peru, to medical missionaries, Medicine Professor Bruce Gilliland was destined to become a doctor. He graduated from Northwestern University School of Medicine in 1960 and moved to Seattle to join the UW School of Medicine. During his 45 years at the UW, he served as an intern, resident, fellow, physician, administrator and professor. He was a renowned expert in rheumatology and acting dean of the school in 1990. He died on Feb. 17. He was 75.

Becoming the first female professor in the UW School of Dentistry in 1967 was a career milestone for Dentistry Professor Patricia Keller. Later, she was promoted to associate dean of the graduate school and became the first chairwoman of the oral biology department, a post she held until 1982. After graduating from the Univ. of Detroit and Washington Univ. in St. Louis, she moved to Seattle in 1954. She was hired as a biochemistry instructor in 1955 and was the only woman in the department. She focused her research on digestive enzymes. She died on April 1. She was 83.

Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics Ed LaChapelle was a pioneer in the field of avalanche research. The Tacoma native worked with the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research and the U.S. Forest Service and researched glaciers in Greenland, Alaska and on Mt. Olympus. In 1967, he joined the UW faculty. He wrote The ABCs of Avalanche Safety, a seminal handbook still commonly used by mountain explorers. LaChapelle also worked with John Lawton in the development of a radio transceiver beacon to locate and rescue buried avalanche victims. Their prototype, the Skadi, gave rise to the current industry of precautionary radios for mountaineers. He retired in 1982. He died Feb. 1 at the Monarch Mountain Ski Area in Colorado. He was 80.

After serving in the Norwegian underground during World War II, Ole Mathisen, ’55, came to UW and earned his Ph.D. in fisheries biology. He joined the UW faculty and was a professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences until 1982. He spent his summers researching the population dynamics of sockeye salmon in Alaska. He died March 12. He was 88.

Elizabeth Ann Roberts, ’71, ’75, had a long history with UW; she received her B.A. in 1971 and a master’s in social work in 1975. Throughout her professional life she held positions within the University community. She was a practicum instructor for the UW School of Social Work from 1976–1986 before becoming a full-time faculty lecturer and practicum coordinator. She especially enjoyed working with students who specialized in administration and gerontology as well as mentoring students in the gay community. Despite being diagnosed with cancer four years ago, she continued to work until her death at the age of 59 on March 2.

Genome Sciences Professor Emeritus David Stadler was a pioneer in the UW genetics department. The Princeton graduate moved to Seattle in 1952 to join the botany department at the urging of Professor Herschel Roman. He focused his research on Neurospora, an orange-ish mold with six chromosomes. The last class he taught in the spring of 2005 was a review the history of modern genetics told through his firsthand perspective. He died on Feb. 9. He was 81.

Dentistry Professor Charles Swoope, ’64, contributed to the field of prosthodontics, a branch of dentistry that deals with the restoration and replacement of missing teeth, for 31 years. He graduated summa cum laude in dental training from the University of Maryland in 1959 and got his master’s in dentistry at the UW in 1964. He was the director of graduate prosthodontics at the UW until his retirement in 1980. He died at the age of 72 on Feb. 13.

Earth and Space Sciences Professor Emeritus Albert “Link” Washburn was on the U.S. Olympic ski team in 1936 and became the executive director of the Arctic Institute of North America after World War II. He explored Greenland and arctic Canada while studying arctic structural soil conditions. After receiving his Ph.D. at Yale Univ., he organized the Quaternary Research Center at the UW in 1967 and was director until 1976. He helped set up the UW as one of the leading groups for comparing glaciations with global warming by studying the evolution of the world over the past 2 million years. He died on Jan. 30. He was 95.