And the winner is… everyone! Print

San Juans
As part of the April membership drive, the UWAA gave away a sea-kayaking adventure in the San Juans.
And the winner is… everyone!

Congratulations to Gregory, ’69, and Janna Gardner, ’70.  They won a free sea-kayaking adventure in the San Juans, simply by joining the UWAA. Kenmore Air will fly them to Friday Harbor for a three-day tour of the islands, which are known for their calm waters, natural beauty and abundant wildlife. No wonder Outdoor Magazine named the trip one of their “10 favorite liquid adventures in the United States.”

Everyone else who joined the UWAA during our April membership drive (more than 1,000 new members) was a winner, too—they got $10 off their annual dues, or $50 off their lifetime memberships, plus all the benefits of belonging to this great organization.

Year-round Discount at University Book Store
And speaking of benefits, here’s a big change to our long-standing University Book Store benefit. Starting July 1, the UWAA and the bookstore are increasing the number of annual Member Discount Months from four to twelve. That’s right, twelve: UWAA members will now get 10 percent off all their Book Store purchases, all the time, instead of the annual patronage refund. (Only computers and gift cards are excluded.) Don’t worry. If you’ve been saving your Book Store receipts from the past year, you can still turn them in by June 30 for a credit worth 8 percent of their value. But starting July 1, all you’ll have to do is show your UWAA membership card at the cash register to receive an instant 10 percent discount on whatever you’re buying.

Visit for a complete list of UWAA member benefits, and to join.

Connect Online with Husky Connect

Want to get back in touch with your freshman roommate? Tired of tracking down e-mail addresses from buddies in your language class? Want to let the Husky world know about your new job or new baby? You can to do all of these electronically, thanks to Husky Connect—a new online forum for people who love the UW. Launching on June 1 is a new, free networking site limited to UW degree-holders and UWAA members. Go to and join us. With your help, we’ll strengthen and expand the bonds that make us Huskies.