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UW Alumnae Board Celebrates Six Decades of Life-Changing Service Print

One of the top-five contributors to student scholarships at the UW has been doing it for six decades—the University of Washington Alumnae Board, which provides full-tuition relief to students in need.

The tradition started in 1946 with Carrie Cowgill Thompson, ’10, who in 1909 became the first woman to receive a UW scholarship—$100. Years later, she brought together other women to launch a scholarship fund for exemplary students.

Since then, the UWAB has covered more than 850 full-tuition scholarships, which are now available to both men and women, freshman through senior year. In 2000 the UWAB doubled the number of scholarships it gives with the help of a gift from a former board member.

For its service, the UW Alumnae Board received the UW Alumni Association’s Distinguished Service Award in 1998. In 2004, the UW Foundation designated the group a UW Laureate, which honors donors who have given more than $1 million to the UW.

The UWAB is exploring new ways to increase its funds, since rising tuition has reduced the number of scholarships it has been able to give. Earlier this year, former UWAB members held a reunion in conjunction with Dawg Days in the Desert that raised more than $3,000 in scholarship revenue. More funds came in through the UWAB’s third annual “Fling into Spring!” event, held in March, and last September’s “Fall Fashion and Truck Show.” This fall, the board hopes to raise more revenue and to commemorate its 60th anniversary; look for details in the September Columns or at UWalum.com .

For more information on fall events or to donate to the scholarship fund, contact the UW Alumni Association at 1-800-AUW-ALUM or visit UWalum.com .