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Buy That Paperback and Get Some Paper Back Print

Here are two good reasons to join the UWAA:

1) You’ll save money at the University Book Store;
2) You’ll save more money at the University Book Store.

Just flash your membership card at the checkout counter and receive a 10 percent discount on most purchases of $25 or more during the month of June (and again in September, December and March). And, if you turn in your book store receipts from the past year by June 30, you’ll get a store credit worth 8 percent of their total value.

The book store, you see, is a rather unusual creature—a for-profit corporate trust, with a mandate to give all the money it makes back to its UW customers in the form of patronage refunds, discounts, lower textbook prices, scholarships and more. Its primary beneficiaries are students, faculty and staff, but thanks to a special partnership, UWAA members benefit as well. Here are the details:

Show your UWAA membership card at any University Book Store branch during the months of June, September, December and March and get 10 percent off your purchase of $25 or more. (This special offer excludes gift cards, shipping services, textbooks, Technology Center products, Clinique products and online orders, and may not be combined with any other discounts.)

UWAA members who have completed at least 15 UW academic credits are eligible for a handsome refund on University Book Store purchases (excluding computer systems). Refunds are issued in the form of a merchandise credit—either 8 percent of the value of all submitted receipts or 10 percent of all purchases made using a book store credit account. Turn in your receipts from the past year by June 30 to take advantage; if you have a book store credit account, your refund will be tracked automatically.

V.I.P. treatment at the book store is just one of the dozens of benefits you can expect as a member of the UW Alumni Association. Visit UWalum.com and click on “Membership” in the left-hand column, or call 1-800-AUW-ALUM.