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Alumni to Vote on the Impact of Their UW Degrees Print

Go to UWalum.com to cast your ballot.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a college graduate with a B.A. will earn almost double what a high school graduate will make over a lifetime. But a college experience is much more than job training. On the personal level, many students meet their spouses and partners in college. On a social level, they form personal networks of friends for life. Their intellectual, cultural and political views solidify and many students create career networks of friends and mentors. We’d like to know the impact of your UW degree. Please take the Alumni Vote online at or fill out this ballot and send it in.

Where did your UW education have its greatest impact? (choose two)

1. Personal Life: your choice of a spouse/partner
2. Financial life: your earning power
3. Social Life: your circle of friends
4. Work Life: your career development
5. Political Life: your view on politics
6. Intellectual/Cultural Life: your interest in arts, humanities
7. Recreational Life: your interest in sports, hobbies
8. Community Life: how your serve your community

Choose TWO

Go to UWalum.com to cast your ballot.

You may also send a fax to 206-685-0611 or mail your choices to Columns Magazine, UW Alumni Association, 1415 NE 45th St., Seattle, WA 98105.


We asked alumni to estimate state support of the UW in comparison to its peers. Only 25 percent of the voters got it right—the UW is currently in the 44th percentile. The state’s goal is to put the UW in the 75th percentile compared to its 24 peer institutions, which are all public research universities. That would take a 29 percent increase in the amount the UW receives in general fund revenue and tuition.