June 2004 - Class of Distinction. By Renata Birkenbuel, Jill Carnell and Erin Driscoll.

Distinguished Staff Award
Recognizes Outstanding Service to the University by Its Staff

Alan WeldinAlan Weldin

DEPARTMENT: School of Drama

ON THE JOB: Scene Shop Manager; 29 years at UW

ACHIEVEMENTS: For the past three decades, Weldin has been responsible for the scenic backdrop to the 150 yearly performances at the School of Drama. His work ranges from constructing a cantilevered stairway, an elevator and working kitchen to mentoring technical theater students and managing tight production budgets. He provides his students and staff with a hands-on education coupled with real responsibility, allowing each staff member to command his or her own areas. Weldin also helps students and staff find a specific vendor and gives advice on structural analysis and design, a subject he studied at the College of Architecture. He supervises many large projects at a time and has worked as the technical director for ambitious opera performances while simultaneously running the Drama Scene Shop.

QUOTE: "The shows open and the shows close: what remains is an atmosphere which supports the workers and champions the learning process. Alan leads the way by revealing the leadership qualities in others. His lessons and his legacy are carried on through the many who pass through our doors, spend a short time with us, and move on." —staff of the Drama Scene Shop

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