June 2004 - Class of Distinction. By Renata Birkenbuel, Jill Carnell and Erin Driscoll.

Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award
Recognizes An Outstanding Faculty Member Who Advises Graduate Students

Raimonda ModianoRaimonda Modiano

DEPARTMENT: English and Comparative Literature; 31 years at UW

COURSES TAUGHT: Textual Theory and the Arts; British and Romantic Poetry; Theories of Gift and Sacrifice and Romantic Aesthetics

ACHIEVEMENTS: Modiano, along with Miceal Vaughan, launched the Textual Studies graduate program at UW. The new discipline focuses on the production, editing, dissemination, preservation and transmission of texts of all forms—oral, written, printed and electronic. Modiano's students discuss topics ranging from the study of alphabets to the techniques of manuscript preservation to the technology of papyrus production. Modiano has chaired 12 doctoral committees and served on more than 30. She inspired a Fulbright visiting scholar to initiate a textual studies program in the student's home university and regularly opens her home to her students and their partners. She won the UW Distinguished Teaching Award in 1994.

QUOTE: "While she is a brilliant, internationally known scholar, in the classroom, her sensitivity, professionalism and constantly encouraging demeanor makes students of all experience levels feel welcome to take part in an intellectually exciting and challenging enterprise." —Student Mark D. Larabee

DEGREES: B.A., University of Bucharest, 1968; Ph.D., UC San Diego, 1973

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