June 2004 - Class of Distinction. By Renata Birkenbuel, Jill Carnell and Erin Driscoll.

Distinguished Staff Award
Recognizes Outstanding Service to the University by Its Staff

Stacey McCandlishStacey McCandlish


ON THE JOB: Professional social worker, serving on the UWMC Liver Transplant Program; nine years at UW

ACHIEVEMENTS: McCandlish's job is considered one of the most crucial in the entire transplant process, as it requires her to guide patients through the emotional journey of a liver transplant. She is not just a leader for twice-monthly support groups, but a counselor who skips her own break time to take a terminally ill patient out for a walk or bring a dying patient's beloved pet to the hospital. On weekends, she volunteers to train patients to become members of Team Transplant to raise awareness of organ donation. Last November, she walked with a diabetes patient to ensure he finished race without complications.

QUOTE: "Stacey's dedication to the patients' well-being has been tireless. She is a fierce advocate for her patients and their loved ones, can always be counted on to not only call attention to obstacles in the way of the smoothest care process for them, but will devote herself to seeing those changes through to a positive conclusion." —Linda Sorensen, UW Medical Center

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