June 2004 - Class of Distinction. By Renata Birkenbuel, Jill Carnell and Erin Driscoll.

Distinguished Staff Award
Recognizes Outstanding Service to the University by Its Staff

Se Suk AprilleSe Suk Aprille

DEPARTMENT: Facilities Services, Custodian Services

ON THE JOB: Custodian; 13 years at UW

ACHIEVEMENTS: Aprille is known to "infect" others with her positive energy and strong work ethic. She brightens the fifth-floor atmosphere of Padelford Hall with occasional singing as she shines the floor, cleans and sanitizes restrooms, and stocks supplies. Although she has been battling lymphoma and undergoing chemotherapy since 1998, her enthusiasm and energy levels remain high; she often wipes the rails and elevator button panels as she exits the building. Aprille always asks fellow fifth-floor patrons about their families, and, once a year, she covers the conference table of the Department of American Ethnic Studies with a lunch of homemade Korean dishes. She also recently went out of her way to help a visiting scholar from Korea settle in Seattle.

QUOTE: "Se Suk Aprille is more than a custodian for us here at Padelford Hall. She is like a mother, a loving aunt, a caring older sister, and a trusted friend. Accordingly, she is commanding, bossy, considerate, loving, and supportive, always in the interest of making our place the best place." —American Ethnic Studies Professor Enrique Bonus

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