Improved Career Connections Launched, Online Alumni Directory Coming Soon

The next generation of Career Connections, one of the core offerings of Husky Career Advantage, is now available exclusively to current UW students and members of the UW Alumni Association.

Career Connections is a nationwide network of UW alumni and friends who are ready to help fellow Huskies pursue their career goals. Contacts offer information about their field and geographical area-and in some cases job search advice, networking referrals or job leads.

The upgraded Career Connections, which was unveiled this spring, means a higher level of service available to users as well as to those who serve as volunteer contacts.

This is a way for UW graduates to build community

One of the best features is a state-of-the-art search engine that allows users to search for contacts based on numerous parameters-ranging from the contacts' academic and extracurricular affiliations during their campus years, to their current location and position.

In addition, Career Connections now offers users a handy contacts-at-a-glance section to preview the entire pool of available volunteers-as well as a personal notebook section to aid users in planning and monitoring their networking activities.

"What a valuable resource to have," says Clint Skullerud, '02, a graduate of the UW Business School. "I wish I would have found it sooner. What I am learning about this job market is that the best thing a college grad can be doing is networking."

For more than 700 Career Connections contacts, the improved service offers the ability to update their personal and professional information online. In addition, volunteers can now also control how often, and by what means, they're contacted by users.

To check out Husky Career Advantage and the Career Connections online service, go to and click on Husky Career Advantage.

The UW Alumni Association is also working on an online alumni directory to be available through later this year. In July, UWAA members will decide what, if any, personal information will be included in the directory. Contact information, class year, campus attended, and fraternity or sorority affiliation are the categories planned for the directory.

"This is a way for UW graduates to build community," says John Burkhardt, the UWAA's online services manager.

A print directory that lists dues-paying members of the UW Alumni Association is also in the works.

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