Two Thousand Three Gallery of Distinction.

SINCE 1970, the University of Washington has honored its best teachers for striving to bring knowledge to the next generation. This year the UW has given its Distinguished Teaching Award to seven faculty on three campuses. In addition, the UW is honoring TAs, public servants and staff this month. Because some awardees were chosen after our deadlines, the September Columns will highlight the President's Medalist and the Brotman Diversity Award winners.

Rick Bonus
Lisa Coutu
Susan Kemp
Richard Johnson
Jim Morrow
Ruth Rea
Suzanne Sikma

Anita Lenges
Rebecca Nugent

Charles Keyes

Anthony Ishisaka

Dena Brownstein

Kirk Beach

James Gladden
Betty Jo Kane & Paula Walker
Jennifer Mas
Laurel Sercombe
David Snyder

All photos by Kathy Sauber. Distinguished teachers text by Beth Luce, a Seattle-based free-lance writer; Jill Carnell, UWT staff writer; and Cynthia Scanlon, UWB director of marketing/communications. Other awards text compiled by Columns Intern Derek Belt, a junior in the Department of Communication.

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