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Fatal InheritanceInside Story
By Perfecting Ultrasound, Don Baker Revolutionized the Way Doctors Make a Diagnosis—and Put Seattle on the Biotech Map.
By Jon Marmor

Reversal of FortunesReversal of Fortunes
For More and More Workers, the American Dream Is Just a Mirage, Say the Authors of a New Book.
By Brad Broberg


Fatal InheritanceFatal Inheritance
Can Families with a History of Pancreatic Cancer Stop a Genetic Time Bomb? A Pioneering UW Program Can Help—But at a Price.
By Scott Holter

Top of Their ClassTop of Their Class
The UW Honors Its Top Faculty, TAs, Volunteers and Staff.


  Relatively Speaking, Kissing Cousins are OK.

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Association News

  A group of UW students show off their Paul Bunyanesque skills in a log cutting competition on campus in this 1980s-era shot. File Photo.

Class Notes

  • Stuntwoman Supreme Marla Casey, '86, former UW gymnast, now leading Hollywood stunt double.
  • "Uphold the Law" Judge William L. Dwyer, '52, U.S. District Court, one of the nation's most respected federal judges, died February 12.
  • A Scientists' Scientist Hans Neurath, a towering figure in the field of biochemistry, died April 12.
  • Alumnotes: News of classmates from 1947 to 2001.
  • Obituaries Alumni, faculty and friends of the University.
  • Alumnotes Page How to submit a class note plus our Alumnotes Archive

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