Class Acts

Sinh Simmons
Distinguished Staff Award

DEPARTMENT: Grant and Contract Services

ON THE JOB: Manager; 18 years at the UW.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Last year the University of Washington received more than $472 million in federal research grants—the largest amount going to any public university in the nation. Simmons manages a team of five grant administrators who oversee this grant activity. She must coordinate complex applications and make sure they conform to federal regulations. She often stays late to meet federal deadlines for the submission of late arriving proposals. Lately she has been a leader in using technology to speed up the grant application process, including automated tracking systems and the creation of a Web-based grant and contract system for the University.

QUOTE: "Sinh has developed a reputation as a tireless and thoroughly knowledgeable expert in delivering the myriad and vitally important services to the University community. ... She is the person we all count on for the correct information."—Carol Zuiches, director, Grant and Contract Services

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