Class Acts

David O. Duggins
Distinguished Staff Award

DEPARTMENT: Friday Harbor Laboratories

ON THE JOB: Marine Technologist; 21 years at the UW.

ACHIEVEMENTS: In a small department with limited resources, Duggins handles numerous responsibilities, including skipper of a research vessel, diving safety officer, chemical and radiation safety officer, local marine historian, and consultant to scientists and students on selection of study sites and other scientific tasks. On his own volition and with no University support, Duggins began an outreach program for K-12 students in San Juan County schools, including building a salt water aquarium for an elementary school. He was able to secure a $100,000 award from a private foundation to purchase a remote-operated submarine that transmits video images from depths up to 1,000 feet.

QUOTE: "His vast commitment of time, his direct and generous support to the educational and research efforts of university people, and his major success in seeking and finding funds to assist the University achieve its educational and research goals are extraordinary."—Friday Harbor Laboratories Director A.O. Dennis Willows

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