Class Acts

Roxana Augusztiny
Distinguished Staff Award

DEPARTMENT: Burke Museum

ON THE JOB: Acting Director; 34 years at the UW.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Augusztiny began her career at the Burke Museum as a work-study student assigned to animal feeding and will soon end her 34-year career as its acting director. She had the foresight to purchase the museum's first computer in the 1970s and hire its first development officer in the 1980s. In the 1990s, she helped influence the Legislature in Olympia to support the museum's programs. Recently she had to move from assistant director to acting director on short notice, overseeing a $3 million budget, 150 staff and volunteers and a volunteer board.

QUOTE: "Without her profound dedication, breadth of knowledge, and the very high standards of professional excellence she sets for herself and expects of others, the Burke would today be far less prestigious and far less well-known."—Burke Curators Sievert Rohwer and James D. Nason

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