Class Acts

John Armstrong
Excellence in Teaching Award

DEPARTMENT: Teaching Assistant, Astronomy

COURSES TAUGHT: Astronomy 101 and 151.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Armstrong does not have to teach—he chooses to do so out of personal enjoyment and because of the service it provides for his department. He goes the extra mile by extending office hours and hosting special review sessions for his students. His class organization and preparation were so outstanding that he was asked to teach an introductory course on his own. Armstrong also volunteers as an astronomy partner to 2nd and 5th grade teachers in a local Seattle school as part of Project Astro.

QUOTE: "I can remember the lecture on inertia and gravity that he gave while wearing Rollerblades. Not only did this open the door for great examples, but it kept everybody attentive—and a bit worried."—Dustin Wallace, former student

DEGREES: B.S., University of Iowa, 1998; M.S., UW, 2000.

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