The Best of 2000
Mahmoud Zubeidi

Mahmoud Zubeidi

Distinguished Staff Award

Department: Duplicating Services Supervisor, Publication Services; 14 years at UW.

On the Job: Supervises the Communications Building Copy Center, which produces invitations, reports, news releases, course materials, programs and other print pieces.

Achievements: He is able to achieve high-quality work and top-notch customer service in a high-demand department in the center of campus.

Quote: "Walking into Zubeidi's copy center, you witness a well-oiled machine. With the weight of phones ringing, machines running and a line of customers snaking out the door, he and his staff remain patient, calm and courteous as they weave around each other, equipment and boxes of supplies to answer calls, ring up cash sales and attend customers. ... He teaches his staff how to run a reliable shop, but his real gift is teaching them the importance of their job to the customer." ---School of Music Support Supervisor Claire Peterson

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