The Best of 2000
Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson

Distinguished Staff Award

Department: Physical Therapy Program Coordinator, Rehabilitation Medicine; 11 years at UW.

On the Job: She coordinates the budget, curriculum and class schedules for the physical therapy program. She also serves as the program's public relations coordinator, secretary, custodian, security guard, student adviser, record keeper and historian. She has three UW Degrees: B.A., anthropology, '76; B.S. physical therapy, '85; and B.SM. physical therapy, '88.

Achievements: She sets up laboratory classrooms and is responsible for entering the department's course descriptions. She consistently is there for both staff and students to answer their questions, offer her expertise and provide support.

Quote: "Without question, the most commonly uttered phrase around here is 'Ask Laura.' It is understood your best chance of getting an answer to a difficult question or solving a problem is with Laura's help." ---Rehabilitation Medicine Associate Professor Mark R. Guthrie

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