The Best of 2000
Bruce Kochis

Bruce Kochis

Distinguished Teaching Award

Department: Senior lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program, UW Bothell, six years at UW.

Courses Taught: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, 20th Century Russia, Language Society and Cultural Knowledge, Democratic Capitalism in the U.S.

Achievements: In and out of the classroom he tackles culturally diverse, global issues. He designed and is the director of the UW Human Rights Education and Research Network, which creates awareness for world issues. He received a $270,000 Tools for Transformation grant to launch this program.

Quote: "Bruce Kochis' commitment to ethical and intellectual openness is indisputable. I have observed this when I've served on panels with him, when I've read his essays on current issues, and when I've been involved with him directly in curriculum planning and actual teaching. He is an inquiring scholar in the best sense." --- UWB Arts and Sciences Professor Robert Schultz

Degrees: B.A., Slavic languages, UW, 1971; M.A., Slavic languages and literatures, University of Michigan, 1975; Ph.D., Slavic languages and literatures, University of Michigan, 1979.

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