The Best of 2000
Cory Carlson

Cory Carlson

UWAA Distinguished Service Award

Service to the UW and UWAA: President of the UW Alumni Association, 1998-99. Also served as a trustee, treasurer, vice president and president-elect during 10 years of service on the alumni board. His UW M.B.A. was awarded in 1981.

Achievements: Few volunteers have served the alumni association as long or as actively as Carlson. He was the lead negotiator in the University's agreement with First USA for an affinity credit card, which resulted in increased funding for alumni association programs. He was also a driving force behind the UWAA's Technology Task Force, which helped launch lifetime e-mail forwarding for new alumni. He is also a key player in the movement to fund and build a new UW Alumni Association alumni center.

Quote: "Cory's dedication and contributions to the alumni association cannot be overstated. He is a master of the art of gentle persuasion and that results in people finding themselves supporting what they once adamantly opposed. His tireless efforts put our association on a sound financial footing and he continues to be a key player in getting our new building constructed." ---Geoff Vernon, '65, UWAA President, 1999-2000

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