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The UW Alumni Association is proud to announce that Columns is now available as an interactive digital magazine. It's presented using the Issuu viewer so you can browse through it just as you would the printed version. You can zoom in, print pages or share articles by e-mail.

Where to find the digital magazine link
Look for the link next to the cover image that says "Digital magazine" in the right column of any selected Columns. At this time, it's only available for recent issues.

Browsing an issue
When you click on the link to view, a new browser window will open and you'll see the magazine cover. As you scroll over, arrows on the left and right side of the magazine allow you to turn the pages. At the top of the screen is the toolbar:

Issuu navigation

The "index" button will show all pages so you can jump to a particular page. When you click on "Fullscreen" the magazine will expand to fill your monitor. This is the best way to read the magazine. When you're done, click on the "X" or press Escape on your keyboard to exit. You can also use the toolbar to "share" with a friend, "search" for a word or phrase or "print" one or more pages.

Zooming and reading pages
By default, when you click on any page the viewer will zoom in. Click again and it will zoom back out. Once you're zoomed in, you should see the page viewer toolbar at the top of the screen:

Issuu navigation

The slider on the left allows you to zoom in and out farther. Clicking on the circular "view" icon in the center allows you to toggle between "read" (which zooms in and out) and "drag" (which moves around the page).

Downloading and printing the entire issue
The interactive version of Colummns allows you to print one or two pages at a time (look for the print button at the top). At this time, you can't print an entire issue. If you'd like to download or print the entire issue, see the .pdf versions. You'll need a .pdf viewer such as Adobe Acrobat to view and print.

Viewing on iPhone/iPad
The presentation of Columns as a digital magazine uses Flash technology, which isn't compatible with Apple's mobile products at this time. You still access all the same content via the regular Columns webpages.

If you have questions about UWAA's interactive publications or other feedback, please contact us.

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